The Online Holocaust?

A rise in virtual antisemitism
Alt Text: An image of the Israel flag waving with the article headline and staff writer in black text.
Alt Text: An image of the Israel flag waving with the article headline and staff writer in black text.
Data on Antisemitic Incidents and Rallies in the U.S. Since Hamas’s Attack on Israel
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American Defense League (ADL)

The map at this link displays data since October 7, 2023 on incidents of vandalism, harassment and assault directed at Jews (or people perceived to be Jewish) or Jewish institutions, as well as anti-Israel rallies which featured overt antisemitism, anti-Zionism and/or expressions of support for terror. Incident figures will be updated twice a week. This data is preliminary and may change as more information on the incidents is assessed over time.


Since October 7th, ADL has recorded 2,031 antisemitic incidents, including 905 anti-Israel rallies.

In recent times, Anti-Semitism has been gaining momentum around the world. Now, with the war over in the Middle East, the trend of Anti-Semitism is rising faster than ever.


What Is Anti-Semitism?

Anti-Semitism is hostility and prejudice towards Jewish people. In other words, Anti-Semitism is when Anti-Semites (people who believe or practice Anti-Semitism) hate Jews or want to cause harm to them.


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The History of Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism has been around since the Israelites were enslaved by Egypt 3,400 years ago. In Germany, during the 1930s, political ideologies began the spread of Anti-Semitism. Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany’s Nazi party, was responsible for this dramatic increase in Anti-Semitic views, ideologies, and policies.

Hitler believed that the Jews were at fault for the economic depression in Germany. Hitler’s party goal: exterminate minorities, especially Jews.

This would be the start to the first Holocaust. Many were killed during this time. Over 6 million Jews died from starvation, disease, or were killed by the Nazis.

Though the Holocaust killed many Jews, some were able to escape. They would seek refuge in Western Europe.


The Jewish Journey to The Motherland

After World War II (the end of the Holocaust), politicians in Europe were overwhelmed by the number of Jewish refugees residing and arriving in their countries.

Therefore, in 1948, the United Nations created a Jewish state within the British mandate of Palestine. This is where the conflicts we are seeing today derive from.

The Palestinians would protest the Jewish migration to their land. It was evident that Anti-Semitism would live on.


Present Times

Before October of this year, Palestine was divided between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Israel controlled most of the territory of what was the British Mandate of Palestine but maintained a military presence in the State of Palestine.

However, October 7th of this year marked the day Hamas, a terrorist group backed by the Palestinian state, invaded Israel from Gaza. Israel’s Government would respond to this invasion without mercy. This would begin a second Holocaust, an online Holocaust.

Israel’s no-mercy policy was backed by the United States. Israel and the U.S. are the only countries who have opposed a ceasefire in Gaza.

Due to this ‘no ceasefire’ policy, people on the Internet from all over the world have taken a stand against Israel. In turn, it was against Jewish people too.

When asked if she had experienced any different treatment after the conflict began, 12th grader, Ava Chaffetz said, “Not at school, no. However, when I walk to the synagogue, there are some people who stare with a kind of disgusted look.” Chaffetz also said that she has heard from a close Jewish acquaintance who has had a bad experience in public since the war began.

However, hostility and hatred against ethnic groups can have a toll on a person’s well-being. A study conducted by Johns Hopkins University found that people who are discriminated against by their race, religion, or ethnic group are more likely to be clinically diagnosed with depression. This is what leads to high numbers of suicide cases.

Those who are against Israel’s ‘no ceasefire’ policy believe that what Israel is committing is genocide (systematic killing or persecution of many people, usually ethnic groups). Israeli officials argue that those who believe that Israel is committing genocide forget about the Jewish genocide during the Holocaust.

While this war between Israel and Palestine has caused a rise in Anti-Semites, Jewish people all around the world are trying to prove that they do not believe in what the Israeli government is doing; they do not condone it.

It is important to understand that Judaism does not condone any killing. So, when people on the Internet are hostile toward Jews, they should direct their hostility toward the Israeli Government.

Israeli supporters have described the hostility towards Jewish people as hating Asians just because of the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) genocide in Uyghur. They explained that opposition to a government’s decisions should not be imposed on its people.

From what is being seen online and in-person, we can only infer that unless a ceasefire is agreed to, Anti-Semites will not stop with their hostility towards Jews.

Remember, it is important to speak up if you are ever being discriminated against. Talk to someone you trust about it. Do not let people’s words get to you.



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