The Chronologically Challenged Club is Ceasing Operations

Tardiness at Coral Springs HS is on the mend
The Chronologically Challenged Club is Ceasing Operations

Gone are the days when the Colts roamed the hallways of Coral Springs High during class. Gone are the days when the Colts left from their classes after attendance.

Over his first few months at Coral Springs High, our proud principal, Mr. Dixon, has implemented new sets of rules and regulations seeking nothing but success for his students.

During his first days as Principal, Mr. Dixon noticed that many students roamed the halls during instructional time. Mr. Dixon also noticed that tardies were through the roof, especially during 1st and 5th periods.

This demographic paved the way for the newest sight at Coral Springs High: the all-new tardy machine and its yellow passes.

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The Machine was introduced to help track repeated tardies among students. Each time a student arrives at school after 8:00 am without an excuse, they must scan their I.D. badge and the machine will spit out a yellow tardy pass for them.

If a student arrives to class after 8:00 am without a yellow pass, teachers have been instructed to not let them into their classrooms, but instead send them to the machine to retrieve one.

After a student’s 6th yellow pass, that student will receive a paper telling them to see their administrator. In most cases, administrators will find the students. Then, they’ll schedule the internal suspension for the student. Internal suspensions take place during the student’s lunch and study hall.

This newly implemented rule helps discipline repeat offenders without affecting their instruction. If tardies are repeated for reasons outside a student’s control or valid reasons, Mr. Dixon has said to talk to him, any of the administrators, or counselors to see what can be done.

Though it is not a new rule, the 10-10 rule is a rule that is now heavily enforced at Coral Springs High.

The Infamous 10-10 rule does not allow students to leave their classrooms during the first and last ten minutes of class. This helps reduce traffic and skipping in the hallways.

Teachers benefit from this rule since it gives them time to take attendance without stopping to write a pass for a student. It also lets teachers finish their classes without stopping.

This rule forces students at least 20 minutes to grasp instruction or vital information. The rule has pretty good benefits for everyone.

Hall sweeps and lockouts win the prize for the newest toughest rule at Coral Springs High.

Apart from the “No pass, no entry after 8:00 am rule,” after a certain time, teachers are not allowed to let students into their classrooms. Instead, security will sweep the students out in the hallways into internal suspension.

CSHS student, Ashley Toledo, said “It’s good that the school is finally doing something [about tardies] because there are students who are always on time, so it isn’t fair to them.”

When asked about the new policies, Spanish teacher, Ms. Raposo said, “The tardies have definitely decreased during 1st and 5th periods, a lot. [The policies] It hasn’t totally solved the problem, but definitely it has improved significantly. I hope that these policies help students create more efficient routines in the morning.

There are great ways for students to improve their punctuality. For starters, since most students go to buy breakfast in the morning, they can wake up earlier to have breakfast and be on time.

If a student doesn’t do good waking up early, they could go to sleep earlier, or just set multiple alarms starting earlier than usual.

For students who are late from class to class, a great tip is to walk directly from class to class. Instead of walking your friend to their class, walk yourself to class. It will be worth it.

Remember, Colts: timely arrivals make for smoother days. Let’s gallop towards success together!


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